Marine and OffshoreAccomodation Solution


In an ever-increasing competitive business commitment a Company can prosper if it stays ahead in technological advancement and systems up-gradation improve the quality of services to its clients. Our company always maintains its commitment to provide most efficient services to our customers.

Our Clients

  • Ocean Diving Centre Ltd.  
  • Al Jazeera Marine Serv  
  • Atlantic Offshore Serv  
  • Midgulf Offshore  
  • Adyard AbuDhabi llc  
  • CGG, Vetotas  
  • DSDY, Dubai  
  • Aqua Diving Services  
  • Stanford Marine LLC  
  • Tide Water Marine  
  • Auto Craft Trading  
  • Whitesea Shipping   
  • Team Shipping  
  • Gmoss  
  • KND Patrol Boat & Ship Bldg   
  • Blue Pearl Marine Service  
  • Sea Global Holding Ltd.  
  • Handerson International  
  • Gmmostech  
  • Ajman Marine Services  
  • Tristar co.  
  • Great Offshore Limited  
  • Dulam International   
  • Naik Business Services Ltd.  
  • Subsea Oilfield Equipment  
  • VM Marine International  
  • Inter Gulf Marine LLC   
  • Ewan Marine PTE Ltd.  
  • Liwa Petroleum Est.  
  • Dynamic Marine Service  
  • Ali & Sons Marine Engg.   
  • Jawar Al Khaleej Shipp.